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Lifestyle Obedience . . ."Training for the Real World"

                  ***Services Available***

      †  Trained Dogs for Adoption  †  Doggie Day Care  †  Dog Walking  †  Hikes  †  Boot Camp †  
                †  Private Lessons 
 † Workshops  †  Educational Programs  †  Pet Sitting  †

Trained Dogs Available

All our dogs are first trained the
 Lifestyle Obedience Method
So that you can live in peaceful co-existence

Our Dogs are taught to fit into your lifestyle.

Our method is one that addresses "Real World" scenarios. You will have control wherever you take your dog.

Once you set your proper relationship with your dog as his true leader then we teach you how to hold onto that position through everyday interactions with your dog.

 Do you know you can lose authority just by the way you take your dog out of its crate or kennel or how you let it get out of the car?

Teaching your dog to "sit, stay" before letting it eat or making sure you go out the door first is a false concept of setting Leadership.

Learn how to identify a challenge to your authority and how to correct the attitude of your dog,
 not just a behavior!!
This will result in getting your dog on your agenda and veiw you as a trustworthy Leader.

(These are  two day long intensive clinics
with a combination of obedience and information on you dog's related age and needs.)


Puppy Development
From Breeder to Backyard
We will get you off to the
right start!
This workshop deals with the new puppy owner and all that should be done at these early stages.

Regaining Lost Ground
Problem Dogs

This workshop works with the owner of the older puppy or dog that missed all those first steps of respect from the dog's point of view.

If you are interested in having a Workshop in your area call us. We are always looking for a Host Site to have a Workshop in your neighborhood. Ask your Vet, Groomer, Petshop or Feed Store if they would Host a Workshop. Give us a Call.
707-533-1550 or 707-262-2062

Boot Camp Training
Your dog will stay in our home while it trains.

Starter 10 day course:

 This is foundational training or refresher training depending on your dog's experience.

We will teach your dog to respect you as its authority figure and we will teach you not to lose that position.

 What they will learn:

  • "No" will mean "No"
  • Respect doorways
  • Not beg
  • Walk on a loose leash while distracted
  • Down, stay
  • Verbal control

Any prior exercises that have been taught will be practiced or new ones will be introduced. This program is good for those that are going to board their dogs while away.

3 week program :
This is best for those that want the professional to get the work done for them. A very transferable Method so not to worry if your dog will listen to you. You will get lessons on how to keep your dog's work up.


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