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Hear what Glen has to say with his
Lifestyle Obedience Academy

"Gail truly is the Horse Whisperer of the Dog World. She has personally observed, and really understands, how it works in the dog pack. She speaks, and more than anyone I have ever met, can teach you , the language of the dog.

I was looking for the best Dog Academy in the United States,with no reference to cost, to train me, and to train a most important young dog that I was responsible for. 

I had considered the Monks of New Skeet in New York, and the most prestigious man in Chicago.
I had enough of woman and their dog clubs, and knew that I needed a man.

I was on my way to interview some highly recommended professional man in Santa Rosa, CA, luckily close to home in Lake County,CA

I met Gail.

I immediately knew I had found what I was looking for, and had to find some way to learn everything that this woman knew.

Gail has taken Cesar Millan one step further.

She taught me secrets that I didn't know existed.
I have become a professional dog trainer by her gift, and now work full-time for a VIP, who lives on a small Island in the South Pacific.

Gail has given us a million dollar dog."

"Gail's techniques transformed this high spirited, wild dog into a valued house pet who responds well to hand signals.What was even more amazing was that I could see results after only one lesson. In less than a year after I received him, he won third place in an AKC dog show for obedience. The judge,by the way did not know my Dalmatian was deaf" 
---Alma about her Dalmatian, Kramer.

"I have had other trainers before. This is like no other training program that I have ever done. Gail is very effective on myself and my dog"
Pam with her Airedale,"Murphy"

"Red, our blue Doberman, is now so calm since he has been with Gail"
Thank you, Rose & Rick


"Gail, turned an unmanageable dog into a lifelong family pet"
               -- Susan D.
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