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Welcome to
Lifestyle Obedience Dog Training 

"Training for the Real World"
Because Your Dog doesn't live in a classroom! 


Puppy Development  /  Dog Behavioral
Specialist  .  .  .
                              Gail Burgess

"Do You Want an off-leash verbally controllabe Dog?"
Or at least a dog that will just listen, walk nice on a leash, and come when it is called?

Gail has been training dogs in many areas of the Dog World for
over 30 yrs. Some examples being police service dogs, movies, trick dogs,
commercials, photo shoots, obedience, and conformation competitions.
BUT . . .
her first love is getting an off leash verbally controllable family pet.

The saddest thing Gail hears from dog owners is
they have taken obedience classes before and failed.
Lifestyle Obedience Training
has made that statement obsolete. After one lesson with Gail you will understand why
Lifestyle Obedience Training 
                                IS so different!!
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Have you ever had a conversations with yourself? You know those ones in your head about a prior situation? I used to have them at dog shows all the times, it would go like this: "Judge if you want to see where the real trained dog is come outside the ring."

When I would walk around the show grounds and watch the very same dog that just received a ribbon, drag its owner all over while the owner would repeatedly be scolding "No Sniff, No Sniff" or "Leave it, Leave it." I would just shake my head in frustration and have that conversation with myself. 

This is why I developed a method that focuses on the "Real World". With exercises that solve daily problems like your dog pulling you out the door and down the steps as you start your walk, getting into the trash and on the counter, or jumping every time you walk in the house. 

Classroom Obedience
is fashioned after the competition obedience ring. Teaching exercises that get you high scores but will NOT teach respect for daily living.

Working from the dog's point of view  in the area of authority is where training needs to start. This will assure a truly lasting respectful relationship. 

We humans just don't set authority
the way dogs do !!

And who is going to be in control

 is the primary attitude that dogs view their relationships with.

We have more videos on Youtube search lifestylyobedience.
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